Details to help you enjoy your stay

Review the following information regarding facilities and timings. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask!

Free WiFi is available in all rooms. You will need to connect to the SBC Visitor network, with the password Sunrise1690

It is contactless check-in, however it’s useful for us to know approximately what time you’ll be arriving. Please send us your approximate arrival time in advance.

From the harbour

By car: You will need to head west, along the coastal road to St Aubin. Just before you arrive in St Aubin, turn right up Mont au Roux, followed by the first left down La Rue du Crocquet. Peterborough House is around 30 metres from the end of the road on the left. Just pull up to upload bags, then you can park in the village following that.

By taxi: A taxi will cost around £15

By bus: It is a 10 minute walk from the harbour to Liberation bus station in St Helier. You can then take bus numbers 12 & 15 to St Aubin (this will take around 30 minutes). An adult ticket costs £2.80. From the St Aubin Parish Hall, follow the main road around, up the hill and La Rue du Crocquet is the first road on the right. We are about 50 metres up the road on the right hand side.

From the airport

By taxi: A taxi will cost around £15

By bus: You can take bus number 15 from outside the airport to St Aubin. From the St Aubin Parish Hall, follow the main road around, up the hill and La Rue du Crocquet is the first road on the right. We are about 50 metres up the road on the right hand side.

There is no parking at the guest house but you can park at the St Brelade’s College car park (approximately 500 metres away) for a charge of £25 per week. Students at St Brelade’s College can park for free. This can be arranged with us at the guest house.

Alternatively, you can either pay to park by the hour in the village car park (around £1 per hour Monday-Saturday 8:00-17:00) or park for free at the top of La Rue du Crocquet for free if spaces are available (12 hours maximum).

Breakfast is available on the ground floor in the breakfast area and you can eat in here, the sunroom or outside on the terrace. It is available from 8:00-10:00.

Breakfast comprises pastries, toast & spreads, cereals, fruit, yogurts, tea, coffee & juices.

You can store food in the fridge in the main kitchen and can also use the kitchen to prepare food. Crockery and cutlery can be used but please make sure that the kitchen is clean and clear by 21:00.

We have a BBQ available for use on the terrace in the evenings (you will need to buy coal/fire lighters if using this). You will need to reserve this in advance.

Be careful not to leave food on the terrace, as the seagulls can be a nuisance! If you would like to use the BBQ, just ask and we’ll let you know availability.

Please be respectful of other guests and avoid disturbing them when coming in or socialising in the evenings. We would appreciate it, if you could vacate ground floor communal areas, such as the breakfast area and sunroom by 22:00, and downstairs dining areas and the terrace by 21:00 for this reason.

Bedrooms will be turned over once per week, when they will be cleaned and bed linen/towels changed. If you need any towels changed in the meantime, please just asked. Bins will be emptied throughout the week.

You can use the washing machine and dryer for a £5 charge per load. Please speak with us to arrange a convenient time. An iron can also be borrowed on request.

There is a ‘no smoking’ policy throughout the guest house, including guest bedrooms & terrace.

Please keep valuables safely in your rooms. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables from communal areas.

Should the fire alarms be activated, please vacate the building immediately. The fire assembly point is at the bottom of the road, by Bracewells restaurant.

We will check for signs of fire and call the fire service if required. If we are not present, please call us. If in doubt call the fire service.

A First Aid box can be found in the kitchen and there is a defibrillator machine located outside St Aubin Parish Hall in case of emergency. If you require medical assistance you can book an appointment with a local GP or dentist and in the event of an accident, you can visit Jersey Accident & Emergency Department at Jersey Hospital (The Parade, St Helier, JE1 3QS) or call for an ambulance (999).

Please check out by 11:00 on your departure date. Please leave keys on the table or desk in your room, in the door or in one of the pots by the front door.

If you are leaving Jersey later in the day, you can leave your bag in the luggage store room until you depart. Please arrange this with us.

  • We believe that guests have rights as individuals and should be treated with dignity and respect, including respect for diversity and sensitivity to race, culture, religion, gender, sexuality and disability.
  • The manager’s accommodation and all guest bedrooms will be respected as “private space”. Entering these areas should only be done on invitation, knocking first.
  • Guests should be aware that staff may need to enter bedrooms while the guest is not there should the need arise. This need would include a maintenance issue or any other upkeeping issue.
  • All guests should dress appropriately when in the communal areas of Peterborough House.
  • Guests should respect there are others also staying at Peterborough House when considering noise and activity.
  • There may also be children staying with their parents. It’s important to recognise that Jersey has specific laws in place concerning the safeguarding of children under the age of 18 years which include adults refraining from interacting with children via social media. Please read the St Brelade’s College safeguarding policy in order to comply with local safeguarding legislation.
  • The manager reserves the right to terminate any accommodation agreements in the event that the policies and terms of stay are not followed.