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Terms & conditions for renting shared accommodation

General Terms & Conditions

Please read our general terms & conditions below (valid from start 4th September 2021 until 4th June 2022).

  • Residents of La Bonne Vie & Fairholme are responsible for their own room cleaning and laundry (although this service can be provided for an additional fee). A vacuum cleaner is available. Residents should purchase their own cleaning products. At Peterborough House, a cleaner will come in weekly and this is included within the rental price.
  • At La Bonne Vie & Fairholme, bed linen and bath towels are provided though you may of course bring your own. Laundry facilities are available. Residents should purchase their own washing powder. At Peterborough House, bed linen is provided but no bath towels. Laundry can be washed & dried onsite for £5 per load.
  • Toiletries (e.g. toilet roll) are not included.
  • Rooms will be inspected by the caretaker on a monthly basis for cleanliness and damage to property. If, in the opinion of the caretaker, the room requires more than routine cleaning, residents will be given two weeks to rectify the issue. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the room being professionally cleaned and the cost passed on to the resident (see our prices page for cleaning costs).  All costs to fix or replace damaged and/or missing items will be passed on to residents (except where the damage has occurred due to general wear and tear).
  • All rooms have private bathrooms and include a wardrobe, drawers and a desk / chair at La Bonne Vie & Fairholme and beds will normally be a standard sized single bed. We are unable to offer the choice of double bed. At Peterborough House, clothing storage areas will vary from room to room – there are either cupboards, drawers or both. There is storage under the double beds and desks in all rooms.
  • Communal areas will be cleaned weekly, but residents are expected to keep the communal areas tidy and free from rubbish. Residents are also expected to clean up after they use the kitchen. Persistent failure to comply with this condition will result in the communal areas, including the kitchen being closed to residents. Any costs for professional cleaning of the communal areas will be passed on to residents. All costs to fix or replace damaged and/or missing items within the communal areas will be passed on to residents (except where the damage has occurred due to general wear and tear).
  • For the safety of residents, use of the kitchen is prohibited after 22:00. Facilities to make light snacks and refreshments are available in the dining room until midnight at La Bonne Vie & Fairholme. Residents are asked to keep any noise to a minimum and not to use any of the communal areas after midnight.
  • Residents are responsible for emptying their own rubbish in the outside bins and disposing of their own bottles in the nearest recycling point.
  • Basic cooking utensils and cutlery are provided. There is a dishwasher and most kitchen appliances (e.g. toaster, kettle, coffee machine etc). Dishwasher tablets & washing up liquid are provided.
  • Residents must share space in the kitchen cupboards, fridges and freezers between themselves.
  • Fees include all bills i.e. electricity, heating, water, WiFi. Heating is provided throughout the residences in the mornings (usually between 7:00 – 10:00) and evenings (usually between 16:00 – 23:00). Please note that bedrooms are not heated overnight or during the day. During the daytime the communal areas are heated so residents may study at the residence if they wish.
  • Portable electric heaters, candles & incense sticks etc. are considered a safety risk and are therefore strictly forbidden from bedrooms.
  • Smoking is forbidden throughout the residence buildings. Residents may smoke in the outside areas.
  • Residents are expected to behave appropriately and treat each other with respect at all times. Anti-social behaviour such as excessive noise, bullying, failure to clean adequately or inappropriate dressing will be reported to the residence caretaker.
  • Residences are located in residential areas and you are expected to respect your neighbours at all times. In order not to disturb them, you should keep noise to a minimum, both inside and out.
  • Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Although 24 hours’ notice will normally be given, I.T.C. reserves the right to access rooms while residents are not present for maintenance reasons.
  • I.T.C. reserves the right to evict residents due to serious misconduct or continued failure to observe residence rules giving one week notice.
  • Overnight guests staying in bedrooms may be permitted by prior arrangement with the residence caretaker.
  • Residents may leave their belongings in their rooms during term breaks with the prior agreement of the caretaker. Belongings left behind without the prior agreement of the caretaker may be given to charity or disposed of.
  • I.T.C. does not accept any liability in relation to any damage to, or loss of, your personal property and belongings except where the damage or loss is caused by the negligence of I.T.C. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover.
  • With regards to external services (electricity, water, gas, WiFi etc) I.T.C. will endeavour to ensure the services are continuous and reliable but accept no liability for the downtime or poor performance of services in respect of matters which are outside of our control.
  • Residents wishing to use their rooms during term breaks should inform I.T.C. no later than four weeks before the end of term. Use of the rooms during term breaks will incur an extra fee. Full payment of the additional fee is due two weeks before the end of term.
  • There are no car parking facilities onsite at any residences . Bicycles may be stored in the outside areas Fairholme/La Bonne Vie, but there are no covered areas for bicycle storage and they are left at owners risk. At Peterborough House there is a storage room next to the entrance which has space for approximately 4 bikes.

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • A deposit of one week rent is required to reserve your room. Please note that this is not refundable in the case of cancellation. The deposit is held until your final departure and may be used to cover the cost of any damage caused to your room or the communal areas.
  • Upon departure the caretaker will check the room to ensure that it is clean and that there are no damages to the room or equipment in the room. Should the room be found to be in a satisfactory condition, the deposit will be released back to you. When entering the room if you notice anything wrong, please inform the caretaker, if you don’t you may be held accountable for it.
  • Full payment for the term is due three weeks before your arrival date.
  • You may cancel your accommodation at any time giving at least four weeks’ notice. Fees will be due for the entirety of the notice period however, any accommodation fees after this date are refundable.

I.T.C. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and you should therefore check them each time you make a reservation. The terms and conditions applying to your reservation will be those in place on the date that you make your reservation.